About us

Our Mission

We provide our clients with qualified, safe, productive, and skilled millwrights. This will ensure projects get done on time, and within budget. We provide exceptional service and flexibility too meet our clients needs.

We aim to provide our employees with a fair wage, steady work, and together be a company that They can rely on.

We also meet your small construction needs, and we love to paint.
Let us provide you with your number of skilled professionals to do the work. Then you can stick to bidding and winning more profitable jobs.
My name is Herbert Steppe. I am CEO/Owner of Steppahead Construction LLC. I have been a Millwright in the industry nearly 20 years. So, I have been apart of many projects and I have put in a lot of hard work and dedication to gain knowledge so that I would be better on the next job. So now let me help you be better on the next one. I strive for excellence, and I aim to serve. Let me use my talent to serve you and help you complete your upcoming project.
I’ve been in the industry for over twenty years. On each job, I have seen construction needs not being met because people got sent out on jobs that were not thoroughly vetted. The lack of experience or type of skills need for that job was not there. This caused major problems in productivity, profitability, and quality. 
I believe SteppAhead could provide thoroughly vetted high quality productive millwrights to industrial customers and contractors. I’m committed to the industry for that purpose. We focus and build off a moral code that produces leaders in the industry.


Our moral code


Loyalty to yourself and to others to provide skilled work


Duty to perform and complete each task set before me in a timely manner


Respect to the client and fellow employee's.


Selfless-Service to go above and beyond what is required


Honor to show pride in the work you do


Perseverance to overcome any obstacle that may arise
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